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PNG Frontier Adventures was founded and self-funded back in 1999 and is operated from Wewak (capital of East Sepik Province) by Chris Karis, an indigenous Papua New Guinean from the Sepik River, supported by Susan Baker (English) who is the administration manager. Together, over many years, they have formed a strong bi-cultural link to benefit and assist both the overseas visitor and the Sepik River people through sustainable eco-tourism.

With Chris originating from the Middle Sepik region and having been initiated, he has the wealth of understanding of his culture and people and he is well known all along the river for his efforts to assist and support the river people through sustainable tourism. Susan, a European who has been a long term resident in PNG has a background in journalism and travel. She has travelled extensively on the river with a deep passion and respect for the river people, who in return have given her respect, trust and village status. This is combined with a deep passion for the people of the Sepik River and her understanding of both villagers and foreign visitors. With Chris and Susan working together this makes the partnership base a unique and complimentary duo in this eco-tourism venture.

PNG Frontier Adventures has built up a reputation of personal, sensitive and caring services for visitors from around the world and has the full backing from the Sepik River people themselves. (See our Testimonials)

PNG Frontier Adventures has been highly recommended in the Lonely Planet Guide Book (in all editions since 2005), Trip Advisor and Petit Futé.
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Apart from sustainable eco-tourism, our main objective is for both the visitor and the villager to enjoy interaction with each other in the village setting and thereby both gain knowledge and understanding of each other’s cultures and belonging in the world.

PNG Frontier Adventures uses private hire, four wheel drive vehicles, for town to river transfers and meet with motorised dug-out canoes for transportation along the Sepik River and onto our guesthouses or selected family houses within the villages.

In all our expeditions, we encourage our visitors to join with the local community by participating in every day village life (fishing, crocodile hunting, sago making and so on) thereby gaining a true insight into the lives of these people rather than taking a voyeuristic approach.

Our priorities are professional service, reliability and personal safety as well as to ensure an individual caring response to all visitors and all enquiries, together with sensitivity and respect for the Sepik River people. As well as a collection of amazing photographs, we wish every visitor to take home true Sepik village experiences, the genuine warmth of Sepik hospitality and understanding of the Sepik River people.


  • EMAIL: info@pngfrontieradventures.com
    POST: P.O.Box 51, Wewak, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea 
    LANDLINE:+ 675 456 1584
    MOBILE: + 675 738 31 130  + 675 736 64 075 
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Acknowledgements: Some photos provided by courtesy of Georgie McKie, Ron Skinner, Pete Sanders & Mike Holtby, Denver Photography